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Collier’s Medical Installs Skytron Surgical Lights for Atrium Health in High Point, NC

Collier’s is proud to announce we have completed a successful installation of Skytron Stellar XL Dual Surgical Lights for Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist High Point Surgery Center located in High Point, NC.

Collier’s President Brian Krass said “We are proud to have a long standing partnership with Atrium Health surgery centers. We are proud to be apart of a best-in-class install with Skytron lights for the Wake Forest High Point Surgery Center Center.”

Collier’s Upgrades O.R. Lighting at the MUSC Health Chester Medical Center

Collier’s Medical is proud to announce lighting upgrades at multiple O.R.’s at the MUSC Health Chester Medical Centerwith the Skytron AUA55 Surgical Lights (upgraded from the legacy Steris lights.) The customers were extremely happy with results from the installation.

Collier’s President Brian Krass added, “The new Skytron Surgical lights feature the quality lighting with metal powder coated arms.  Metal arms are key to infection prevention unlike plastic arms others use.  Longevity, durability and NO DRIFT are some of the attributes Skytron lighting solutions are known for.  We are grateful to partner with MUSC Health Chester Medical Center on this project to better serve their patients.”


Collier’s Medical Delivers Umano Behavioral Health Beds to Atrium Health Cabarrus

Collier’s Medical has successfully delivered 10 Umano Behavioral Health Beds delivered to Atrium Health Cabarrus.  This is the first Atrium purchase of Umano beds.

“Only beds designed to minimize ligature risks, this advanced hospital bed adapts to your behavioral health needs. It is perfectly suited for low and high observation environments such as geriatric or med psych units, emergency departments,” said Brian Krass, President at Collier’s Medical Equipment,” said Brian Krass, President at Collier’s Medical Equipment.


Mission/HCA to open Sweeten Creek Mental Health and Wellness Center in Asheville

ASHEVILLE – HCA Healthcare executives, Mission Health providers, state and local politicians and community members gathered for the ribbon cutting of Mission’s $65 million, 82,000 square-foot, Sweeten Creek Mental Health and Wellness Center on July 18.

The opening of the facility fulfills part of for-profit HCA’s 2019 agreement to acquire Mission Hospital. HCA was contractually obligated to build a 120-bed inpatient behavioral health hospital within five years of obtaining necessary permits for the project.

Collier’s was proud to partner with HCA’s new facility with the installation of new Umano beds.

Learn more about the new facility opening here.

Collier’s Installs New Skytron Sliding Top Surgical Tables to Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Collier’s Installs New Skytron Sliding Top Surgical Tables

Collier’s announces the delivery and install of best-in-class Skytron sliding top surgical tables to the W.G. (Bill) Hefner Salisbury Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center located in Salisbury, NC.

Brian Krass, President of Collier’s Medical said “We are proud to partner with the Salisbury Department of Veteran Affair for the upgrade of their surgical tables. Skytron tables are leading the way in efficiency, positioning and patient safety.”




Collier’s Delivers Skytron Surgical Tables to Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center

Collier’s has delivered 10 Skytron Surgical Tables featuring a mix of rotating top and sliding surgical tables.

Skytron Surgical Tables are designed with end-users in mind and to handle the many challenges you face in the OR. Our portfolio includes imaging, top slide, and top rotation surgical tables with our low profile base that help eliminate risky maneuvers with patients and provide better access for surgeons during operation.

Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center is the largest hospital in the region and has more than 1,100 physicians and providers specializing in all areas of medicine. Collier’s has 30+ years of being the surgical table supplier of choice for Atrium Health.

Collier’s Signs Deal with HealthySole

Charlotte-based Collier’s Signs Deal with HealthySole

Completing Comprehensive UVC Infection Control Product Line

Units proven to kill coronavirus on shoe soles to reduce spread in healthcare and other facilities

Charlotte, NC (January 20, 2021) — Collier’s Medical Equipment, one of the Carolinas’ leading distributors of technologically advanced medical equipment, announced a new agreement to offer HealthySole ultraviolet C (UVC) light units to enhance infection control and minimize contamination spread in clean work environments.

New studies show that one way disease, including the coronavirus, spreads in healthcare and other facilities is through foot traffic from room to room.1  Research conducted in Wuhan, China, published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal, confirmed that transmission through surfaces, including the floors of intensive care units, was a major factor in spreading the coronavirus in Wuhan hospitals.2

However, rapid decontamination of the shoe sole has been shown to decrease pathogen colonies in the patient care environment3 and as part of an infection prevention protocol may help minimize patient-to-patient transmission of infectious disease.

HealthySole units, which use ozone-free UVC light technology, are clinically proven to kill over 99.7 percent of coronavirus and other pathogens on the soles of footwear in just eight seconds. Healthcare providers and other facilities nationwide are adopting the units as part of comprehensive overhauls in infection control programs based on lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collier’s Anticipates Strong Growth in 2021

“The challenges in cost-effectively managing the spread of COVID-19 and drug-resistant pathogens and protecting the health and safety of employees and patients have never been more pronounced,” said Brian Krass, Collier’s President and CEO. “This agreement completes our UVC portfolio, which includes hand-held, robotics and whole-room applications.”

“We are projecting approximately 20% sales growth in 2021, as we anticipate care providers will return to a more typical purchase cycle,” Krass said. “Among the growth areas we have seen are demand for patient beds, which has nearly doubled, and UV light solutions, which has nearly quadrupled year-over-year.”

New Support for Healthcare Facilities

The CARES Act relief bills passed by Congress include coverage for adding prevention-based protocols, such as HealthySole and other devices, said Krass.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical, but alone, it is not sufficient to provide needed protection for front-line workers in reducing risk of infection.

“Studies have shown that a care worker can aerosolize, or create a fine particle cloud, up to four-and-a-half feet high just with natural movement in the patient care environment,” said Nelson Patterson, CEO, HealthySole. “These particles then land on hard surfaces, and even on patient skin, becoming a potential infection source.  Minimizing the threat of recontamination of infectious pathogens makes sense given the increased virility now seen in new mutations of COVID-19.”

Speed is crucial for care personnel, especially in ICU or emergency room settings, and with HealthySole, staff can sanitize their shoes in just eight seconds, Patterson added. Knowing that UVC is chemical-free and an effective germicidal, frontline workers who are battling the pandemic want it safely applied everywhere to help them feel safer and make their lives easier.

About Collier’s Medical Equipment

Founded in Charlotte in 1965, Collier’s is one of the Carolinas’ leading turnkey providers of high quality, technologically advanced medical equipment, training, and technical support to the acute healthcare and life sciences industries. It serves clients ranging from start-ups to nearly every major healthcare system in North and South Carolina. Learn more at

About HealthySole

HealthySole provides the first published, third party clinically tested method of using UVC light to address and decontaminate shoes, a potent vector of germ transmission, including COVID-19, in hospital and other commercial settings, as well as homes. Learn more at


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1.       Roberts, K., Smith, C.F., Snelling, A.M. et al. Aerial Dissemination of Clostridium difficilespores. BMC Infect Dis 8, 7 (2008).


3.       Rashid T, et al., Evaluation of a shoe sole UVC device to reduce pathogen colonization on floors, surfaces and patients, Journal of Hospital Infection (2017),


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