Umano Medical

Collier’s Medical has teamed up with Umano Medical, a Canadian manufacturer of quality hospital beds and accessories. These beds have been designed with care to ensure patient safety and comfort, as well as caregivers ease of use. Take a look at this new and refreshing addition of beds we have to offer.

Med Surge Bed

med surge bed

The Ook Snow Med Surg Bed offers excellence in low height medical bed category. It’s 10” low height does not compromise important features such as under bed access for lifts and overbed tables. The Ook Snow is designed to maximize infection control and reduce falls offering better performance and value. Thanks to its fully featured design, its built-in safety characteristics and ease of use, the Ook Snow helps improve patient well-being.

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Mental Health Bed

mental health bed

In addition to offering the advantages of the Ook Snow, the Ook Snow Mental Health Bed provides a dedicated feature packages designed to maximize patient and staff safety in mental health environments.

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Long Term Acute Care Bed

 Long term acute care bed

The Ook Cocoon is a high quality long-term acute care bed. Its bed exit system, combined with low height, under bed clearance and numerous other features, allow for maximizing patient safety while fostering their autonomy.

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Bariatric Bed

Unique design approach maximizes patient safety and dignity Width expansion and built-in scale improve staff efficiency and patient comfort 1060 lb capacity and 11II low height allow for an increased versatility throughout environments.

Bariatric Bed

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Overbed Tables

Strong, durable, and easy to clean, the FTG® Series overbed table maximizes infection control while offering optimal compatibility with beds and patient chairs.

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