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Nurse Documentation Centers in North and South Carolina

Collier's Medical Equipment supplies nurse documentation centers to medical providers in western North and South Carolina. For a quote on any of the products we offer, give us a call at (704) 596-1079 or request a quote through our secure form.

Nurse Documentation Centers

Control Lights, Audio, Video, Data and Management Information System Equipment From One Place

Skytron understands that the many facets of today’s OR can leave a lot for you to manage. Skytron brings simplified command to your OR with our diverse Nurse Documentation Centers. We streamline control into one location while allowing you to keep your sight on what matters most – your patient.


Brings efficiency, control, and space utilization to the OR

Stainless Nurse Document Centers | SORIC 48 and SORIC 72

Having one location to control all aspects of the OR helps save time. 

Effective Space Management
Maintain the view of the patient while taking care of all other aspects of your job.

Centralized Control
Control equipment, audio/video, communications and data storage all from one place.


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